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Afro Cuban Jazz

Released: 2000 Ubiqity/Cu-Bop (CBLP26)


Song List


1. Oya Ye Ye
2. Aguacero
3. Interlude
4. El Campeon Del Mambo
5. Blues Para T
6. Straight From The Gate
7. Ofrenda
8. Descarga Angixi



Snowboy - Congas, Backing Vocal
Davide Giovannini - Drums, Timbales, Vocal
Nico Gomez - Bass
Dave Pattman - Bongos, Quinto, Iya, Cajon
Neil Angilley - Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ
Sid Gauld - Trumpet
Gary Plumley - Tenor Sax
Paul Taylor - Tro

Snowboy & The Latin Section - Afro Cuban Jazz



We recorded this at a beautiful studio in the countryside called Blah St. It was a converted oast house. We were resident there while we recorded the album. The studio had the biggest collection of analogue/valve equipment, probably, in Europe. I used to do a 'beer run' in the car every night down these country lanes covered in frost, ice or fog to this pub 3 miles away (but it was worth it; the bitter was nectar!).This was the first album with no cover versions on. The U.S. had a little difficulty with Mambo Rage as it was a lot different than the kind of (boring) West Coast Latin Jazz, but this album made a break through at last and people started to 'get it' there. I'm particularly pleased with my tribute to my Keyboard player Neil Angilley, called Descarga Angixi. We call him Angixi (Angeeshee), so now you know. Neil did all those effects live by the way. Sonically, this album is as good as I'd ever want to hear us.

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