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Roy Hargrove’s Crisol – Afrodisia Snowboy Remix

Released:1997 Verve (SALVER2)


Additional Musicians to original:

Snowboy - Percussion
Davide Giovannini - Drums and Timbales
Nico Gomez - Bass
Neil Angilley - Keyboards
Nestor Garcia - Guitar
Richard Bull - Programming






In my opinion, the album that the original version of this is taken off - 'Habana' - is terrible. It proves that, just by putting together some of the world's greatest Latin players, it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll work. It doesn't. I had trouble choosing a track but chose this great KennyDorham composition. I got members of my band in the studio to record a whole new backing track to my specifications - I wanted to do a heavy Latin Funk version - and I got 'Incognito's' programmer, Richard Bull, in to slice up every beat of every horn solo and lay them on the rhythm track in time.



Roy Hargrove’s Crisol – Afrodisia

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