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Bring On The Beat

When Snowboy’s Rocking The Mike/Guaguancó R.J.

Released: 1985 Arc Records (CRAX001)


Song List:


A Bring On The Beat

B1 When Snowboy's Rocking The Mike

B2 Guaguanco R.J.


Snowboy And The G.L. Bandt (Track 2)



Snowboy - Vocal, Rap, Percussion
Bill Bailey - Hammond Organ and Oscar synth.
Graeme Lewis - Bass
Pete Jewitt - Guitar
Richard Dewhurst - Drums
Clive Dimmock - Alto Sax
Mick Seymour - Trombone
Graham Hunter - Trumpet




My first single was a project put together by my friend Bill Bailey and additional funding by another, Allen Burrell. Bill just wanted to release a single as a project to see how it gets made and distributed etc. and so he asked me to do it. This E.P. represented what I was into then: The Washington Funk called Go-Go, Rap (I was a regular Rapper at the U.K.'s first Rap night called The Language Lab, Gossips, Soho, London) and Latin (dedicated to my percussion tutor Robin Jones). BOTB got a lot of play on local radio and I did a couple of radio interviews, the Rap track got in the top ten of the Beat Box rap chart in Blues And Soul magazine and the Guaguanco got Jazz Dance spins. This record was rough but it was my first one. There were only 750 pressed, and I remember us all sitting around our dining room table Prit-sticking the sleeves together!! I used to play percussion for a local 'alternative' music band which had various name changes - Antic Hay/Bomb Party/Warsaw, and that's where the guitarist came from, by the way.




Mambo Teresa/Wild Spirit
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