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Casa Forte With Joe Claussell Remix

Released: 2000 Ubiquity Records


Song List:


Snowboy Featuring Liliana Chachian

1.  Casa Forte (Body And Soul Extended Mix)

2.  Casa Forte (Joe's Jungle Samba Beats)


Snowboy + Joe Claussell Remix

1.  Casa Forte (Spiritual Latin Samba Mix)



Liliana Chachian - Vocal

Snowboy - Percussion

Paul Taylor - Trombone



Originally, this was recorded for Blue Note Club Clulture Volume 2 which was never released. When I left Acid Jazz they gave me this track and I let Californian-based Ubiquity Records have it. The Joe Clausell remix made this an absolutely huge selling 12" and a club hit. I must admit, this is a great remix. I never understood though why Joe let the mix out when the Trombone solos is so out of time with the new backing track. This is part of Ubiquity's New Latinaires series. Lastly, Liliana is the lead singer in Negrocan, De Lata and also did a guest vocal for Masters At Work.




Casa Forte With Joe Clausell Remix
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