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Cubana Bop - The Story So Far

Released: 2000 C.B. Records (CBCD2)





Mi Tres Son






I produced two tracks for this Latin Jazz band led by pianist Terry Seabrook. It was recorded at Golddust Studios in Bromley, Kent, where the bulk of my recordings had been done through the 90's. The tracks in question both feature legendary 'Prestige Recordss' recording artist, Pucho, who is a Timbale player (a Timbalero) and New Orleans saxophonist Eddie Pazant of the Pazant Brothers. Of the two tracks I did, my favourite was the Mambo 'Mi Tres Son'. This is a superb tune with an amazing Timbal solo by Pucho. He was a little late starting the solo but I thought that the tension of knowing it was coming made it well worth keeping. The other track is a version of 'Sidewinder'.




Cubana Bop - The Story So Far

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