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Cumbia Cumbia - La Colegiala 12"

Released: 1989 Ariola 612 992


Additional Production + Percussion :





AHmmm . . . a funny one this. It was already a huge Salsa club hit worldwide by Rodolfo Y Su Tipica Ra7 and was wrongly credited as by 'Cumbia Cumbia' which was, in fact, the title of a compilation that it was taken from. It was well known to every household in the UK as it was used in a famous coffee advertisement. I was asked to remix it, but the problem was that in Columbia they don't hold on to the original multi-track tape as they don't use it again so all I was given was the master tape. With master tapes you can't adjust the levels of instruments so I thought "what can I do with this?" I actually recreated every single percussion sound and beat on this track and tuned my Congas and Timbales exactly to the pitch of the original and I was lucky enough to have the same pitch Cow Bell so at least I could beef the original up. I extended the track using edits and put on a Bongo solo and a 'four to the floor' bass drum on it. I heard it loads of times in the clubs but I don't feel I was properly credited on it as a 'Snowboy remix', but there you go. Now you know it was me!




Cumbia Cumbia - La Colegiala 12"
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