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Delirium by Yuki-Otoki meets Ny Quist

Released: 1991 Beatfarm (BFR005T)


Song List:


1. Delirium by Yuki-Otoki meets Ny Quist



Snowboy - Programming

Andrew Barak-Smith - Programming and Keyboards


“Snowboy Goes Industrial”! The label was mis-spelt. Yuki-Otoko means Snowboy in Japanese and was meant to be cryptic. I knew Andrew Barak-Smith from working in the local music shop and we both had a love of Industrial music such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, Frontline Assembly etc. so decided to write this track together. The label co-owner Dave Clayton I got to know when I played at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil with Lisa Stansfield, and Dave was Music Director with George Michael who was also on the same bill. He offered to put it out. It didn't do anything, but although I'm pleased with it. You wouldn't like it.

Delirium by Yuki-Otoki meets Ny Quist
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