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Descarga Mambito

Released:1991 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID LP40)


Song List:


1. Bella Bella
2. Mambito
3. In The Wee Small Hours Of  The Morning
4. Mambo In Two Parts
5. Where's The One?
6. Snow - Snow - Quick,Quick - Snow
7. Descarga Mozambique




Snowboy - Percussion
Andres Lafone - Bass
Chris Kibble - Piano
Gary Plumley - Tenor/Alto Sax and Flute
Joe DeJesus - Trombone (Track 2)
Victor Hugo - Vocal (Track 1)



Snowboy & The Latin Section - Descarga Mambito

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A DJ and Promoter in Brighton called Russ Dewbury asked me whether I could do a live gig but I had other commitments with Lisa Stansfiel and the James Taylor Quartet, having only just left Basia. I'd only ever intended my albums to be studio based (in other words there wasn't a 'Latin Section' in reality. It was just a name I came up with). Anyway, I did a 'Descarga' for Russ in Brighton using Andres, Gary and Chris as usual plus two great percussionists from Brighton, Gareth Stevens on Congas, Robin Young on Bongos and myself on Timbales.

After that gig we kept on getting offered gigs all over the place (including a few dates in Japan). I decided my second album would be a Descarga one. It wasn't a 'true' Latin Jam as I overdubbed all of the percussion myself. I remember us playing (again) for Russ at one of his 'Jazz Bops' and we did a version of Mambito that lasted 25 minutes! The 'Guaguanco' to start the album was sung by Vic Hugo who was the singer from King Salsa at that time and Trombonist New-Yoricuan, Joe De Jesus, who had played regularly with Tito Puente and Ray Baretto, amongst many others. He came to London to live, as he married my old teacher's (Robin Jones: also leader of King Salsa) daughter.


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