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Give Me The Sunshine/El Nuevo Latino

Released: 1991 Big Life Records (BLRT 54)


Song List:


Give Me The Sunshine (Full Version Mix 1)

El Nuevo Latino



Noel McKoy - Vocals
Phil Barton - Backing vocals
Snowboy - Percussion
Andres Lafone - Bass
John Willmott - Flute
Andy Gangadeen - Drums
Richard Dewhurst - Hi Hat
Yak Bondy - Keyboards
David Taylor - Guitar
Joe De Jesus - Trombone (Track 2)
Andy Morris - Trum
pet (Track 2)



I wasn't tied to Acid Jazz records and whilst on tour with Lisa Stansfield, her manager, and Big Life records owner, the late-Jazz Summers, was impressed with my 'Rare Groove' knowledge and asked me to make a record for him (plus he offered me a great publishing deal) and I always wanted to do an update of this Leo's Sunshipp classic. It wasn't a cover version, I actually tried to recreate the original. The musicians, you will notice, are a mixture of Lisa Stansfield's band and the James Taylor Quartet with James' then vocalist, Noel McKoy. I personally feel that Noel is one of the greatest singers ever - full stop. I was very proud of the Latin House B-side (which didn't do much) and it featured the amazing Trombonist Joe De Jesus. This 12" almost got me into the National Pop charts believe it or not.






 Give Me The Sunshine/El Nuevo Latino


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