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Jackson Sloan - Old Angel Midnight

Released: Jackson Sloan - Old Angel Midnight



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Jackson Sloan was the vocalist on my version of 'Night In Tunisia' back in 1986. I'd always enjoyed his 'bluesy' voice - a cross between Eddie Jefferson and Georgie Fame. I produced this album for him in the recording studio called Wave above the old famous London Jazz club The Bass Clef (which went on to become The Blue Note). How Jackson got this line up together I don't know, but it featured some of the U.K.'s very famous and legendary musicians (including Indo Jazz Fusion's innovator John Mayer). I've always thought of Jackson as a blues singer, not a Jazz singer, and was worried that he night have overstepped himself but he did a great job. I think this is a superb album.

We spent a lot of time, effort and love getting the sound to be really gutsy and so I was very disappointed with the mastering that was done of it. There's hardly any bass volume and the vinyl pressing is quiet, but Jackson couldn't afford to get it re-mastered. It was mastered by a new young boy, and he messed it up in our opinion. This almost became one of the first albums on 'Acid Jazz' but negotiations broke down, unfortunately.




Jackson Sloan - Old Angel Midnight

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