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James Taylor Quartet  - Chalk Pit/Tough Chicken 7"

Released: 2001 Ubiquity Records (URCD085)



Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy Mix)
Chalk Pit

Tough Chicken

Additional Musicians:

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This 7" single is two tracks from what was J.T.Q.'s forthcoming album, 'Message From The Godfather'.


Someone at Ubiquity has put completely wrong titles on it: the 'Meters' style A-side is called 'Tough Chicken' and the 'Pucho' style B-side is called 'Willma Will' (named after J.T.Q's sax/flute player, John 'Willma' Willmott').




James Taylor Quartet  - Chalk Pit/Tough Chicken 7"

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