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James Taylor Quartet - Message From the Godfather

Released: 2001 Ubiquity Records (URCD085)




Message From the Godfather

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After the single 'Senouci' James wanted me to produce this album for him. As with 'Senouci' I wanted it to be recorded live and totally analogue. I wanted it to be about James Taylor 'the soloist' . I said I didn't care if the tracks lasted 3 minutes or 10 minutes, but let's not compromise. I also wanted it to be the kind of Funk album that would have come out on labels such as Prestige or Blue Note between '67 and '72. James was totally into the idea. It's funny - as James pointed out to me - but this is a sound I've always associated with him but he's never actually done one like it. I was there every step of the way from the song writing to rehearsing, suggesting what to extend, leave in, take out, general direction, as a producer is meant to do. For sound, I was trying to get that 'Rusty Bryant - Fireater' sound. I didn't quite get it, but what I did get I was well pleased with. The band's performance, in my opinion, was breathtaking. I was always a fan of J.T.Q. and I am even more so now.

The original title of this album was intended to be called 'Splat!' after one of the titles of a fast boogaloo track on there. You may also notice that I didn't put any percussion on the album. I just wanted to keep it a true 'quartet' performance, augmented by sax when required.




James Taylor Quartet - Message From the Godfather

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