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Keni Burke - Risin’ To the Top

Released: 1993 R.C.A. (LANX1A)



Additional Musicians:


Snowboy - PercussionJ

ames Taylor - Keyboards

David Taylor - Guitar

Gary Plumley - Flute

Andres Lafone - Bass





This was an unhappy experience. I was briefed by a nice, well-meaning guy at R.C.A. that I was to update this Soul Classic, but be reverent. If I was to slightly Funk it up it had to be subtle. I got a copy of the original two-inch master tape and over-dubbed here and there and manually put a Funky snare on it. The musicians I used were a mixture of my band and J.T.Q. Anyway, my remix was subtle as requested and this was also remixed by another guy. When the 12" came out, this guy had done a bloody remix using MY musicians' overdubs and beefed up the drums so they were punchy and his was the main mix! I was gutted because he did what I wanted to do, and with my ideas!




Keni Burke - Risin’ To the Top
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