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Latin Fever

Released: 2004 Metro Records (METRCD132)


Song List:


1. Go Snow, Go

2. Trapucada

3. Comparsa Enowoy

4. L 4 Cuero

5. Havana Club

6. What The Hell’S Going On?

7. Mambo Tumbadora

8. Little Man

9. Easr Harlem Quickstep

10. The Sound Of The Berimbau

11. I Am the Man

12. There’s Nothing Like This

13. Meet The Flintstones

14. Toque Y Canto Para Dada


It was considerate for this label to ask me what I would like to see on this compilation; so that was nice. Although the tracks aren’t in the right order (starting with three percussion tracks in a row), I’m happy with the selection. A respected DJ and journalist friend of mine, John Armstrong, did the sleeve-notes , which I really enjoyed as, in a way , he documents our twenty year friendship in them. I also had to give a quote about each track on the compilation - although the one for ‘L4 Cuero' was a complete fabrication and I was not happy about it. I didn’t fit the keyboard hook and the yell of “Charge!” in the song because it reminded me of ‘galloping horses,’ and I certainly would never describe the sound of a Farfisa Organ as ‘cheesy’. John assured me that he didn’t do it, which of course I believe , because I have done two compilations for this company myself and they took liberties with my sleeve-notes too !

I’ve always laughed at other Latin artists for giving their albums corny titles like ‘ Latin Fever,’ and my worst nightmare would be to have pictures of Salsa dancers on the cover: This has both! This was obviously out of my control, to say the least!





***** Five Stars

6 April 2001

This is one big party! You won't be able to resist dancing to the sexy tunes and captivating rhythms! An exciting mixture of pop, dance, salsa and jazz (all with a distinct latin flavour of course!) I was delighted to discover a handful songs that were new to me, as well as the popular latin hits. The only downside is that I don't speak Spanish, so it takes me double as long to learn the lyrics and I don't have a clue what I'm singing!


Snowboy & The Latin Section - Latin Fever

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