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Lisa Stansfield - The Line

Released: 1997 Arista/BMG (74321511372)



The Line

Additional Musicians:


Gary Plumley - Tenor/Alto Sax

Paul Taylor - Trombone

Sid Gauld - Trumpet

Davide Giovannini - Drums

Nico Gomez - Bass

David Taylor - Guitar

Neil Angilley - Programming




I told Lisa Stansfield and her producer/co-writer/Fiancé, Ian Devaney that I'd love to remix 'The Line', as I could envisage a 'J.B.'s meets Stansfield' type of thing. I warned them that it would be retro-sounding and they let me do it. Again, I got my band into the studio to lay a live performance to my exact specifications plus J.T.Q. guitarist (and James' brother), David Taylor, came down to give us his superb guitar. Neil took Lisa's vocals and laid them in place on our rhythm. I was very excited to get a phone call from Ian and Lisa from a pub in Dublin to say how pleased they were and that Lisa had been dancing around the kitchen to it!




Lisa Stansfield - The Line

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