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Lucky Fellow/Astralisation

Released: 1991 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID 42T)


Song List:


A Lucky Fellow

B Astralisation



Noel McKoy - Vocals (Track 1)
Snowboy - Vocals (Track 2) and Percussion
James Taylor - Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Pro 20, Clavinet
Richard Dewhurst - Drums
Joe De Jesus - Trombone, Trumpet
John Willmott - Tenor Sax, Flute
David Taylor - Guitar
Gary Crockett - Bass



I originally recorded this as the follow up to 'Give Me The Sunshine' for Big Life but they said it sounded too retro (which is how I wanted it to sound) so they let me have it and I sold it to Acid Jazz. This 12" was in keeping with GMTS as it was in that 'Cosmic Soul' sound. There were 3 previous versions of 'Lucky Fellow' and all had different lyrics so I merged them all together and we jammed a brand new rhythm track around. I like to think that our version sounds nothing like the others. It again, features the amazing Noel McKoy The B-side, 'Astralisation', was a tribute to the sound of the producers, the Mizell brothers and I am fiercely proud of this track as I'd never written anything so complicated before. Both sides did very well in the clubs and reached to No 54 in the National charts. You may notice that the musicians that I used, with the exception of regular drummer Richard Dewhurst, are from The James Taylor Quartet.






 Lucky Fellow/Astralisation - Snowboy

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