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Released:1996 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID LP 146)


Song List:


1. Trapucada
2. Jazzakuti
3. Where Is The Love?
4. The New Avengers
5. Call For Bobby
6. Don't You Know?
7. Havana (by way of New Orleans and Hackney)
8. I Am The Love
9. Comparsa Enowoy
10. Things Will Be Alright
11. Where Is The Love (reprise)




Snowboy - Percussion, Vocal Percussion,
Programming and Backing Vocals
Bob Batterbee - Vocals (tracks 3 and 10)
D-Zine - Rap and Scratch (tracks 6 and 8)
Neil Angilley - Keyboards and various Programming
Wendy Roberts - Backing Vocals (tracks 3 and 11)
Gina Mackey - Harp (tracks 3 and 11)
Kerry Willox - Programming (track 7)
Sid Gauld - Trumpet (tracks 4 and 8)
Paul Taylor - Trombone (tracks 2,3,4 and 5)
Andres Lafone - Bass (track 5)
Gary Plumley - Tenor Sax (tracks 2,3,4 and 5)
Graeme Culham - Drums (track 4)
John Chapman - Baritone Sax (track 2)
Paul Jayasinha - Trumpet (2,3 and 4)
Davide Giovannini - (Snare Drum (track 9)
Mick Rosenberg - Guitar (tracks 4 and 5)
David Taylor - Guitar (tracks 2 and 3)
Gary Crockett - Bass (tracks 2,3 and 4)
Neil Robinson - Drums (tracks 2 and 3)



Snowboy & The Latin Section - M.F.O.S

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This album took just under a year to record . As a D.J. as well as a percussionist I get many ideas outside of the Latin idium so Acid Jazz let me produce an album of my ideas called M.F.O.S. - The Many Faces Of Snowboy.


I painstakingly recorded each track in various specialist studios to get the exact authentic result in what I was trying to achieve. I met rapper D-Zine whilst I was playing with J.T.Q. He also scratched the phrase "I am the man they call Snowboy" off the B Side of my debut single entitiled 'When Snowboy's Rocking the Mike'.


I was very pleased with the result of 'Jazzakuti' which was my Afro Beat tribute to Fela Kuti. Fela's manager, Chris Stein, once thanked me for doing it.


'New Avengers' did very, very well in the Funk scene. We recorded it in a huge barn with vintage valve equipment supplied by Rockabilly producer Ricky Lee Brawn. Andy Lafone had left my band to concentrate on his own one called Negrocan so it was lovely to get him to play on 'Call for Bobby'.


Coincidentally, as I was recording this album, Masters at Work were working on a similar project in New York called 'Nu Yoricuan Soul'. We had hoped to compete and get the publicity from this coincidence but unfortunately this was the beginning of Acid Jazz Record's cash crisis and things went very wrong. All the publicity came out as hoped, with some fantastic reviews, but the album followed some two months later and by then the buzz had gone.


I am very pleased to say that 'Where is the Love?' - which is a Soul track, 'Jazzakuti' and 'New Avengers' went on to be big tracks in their respective scenes. Another huge mistake on this album by the way, was that every track was intended for club play and was meant to be a double vinyl for club use. It got pressed onto single vinyl by mistake and was too quiet for club sound systems unfortunately, and Acid Jazzcouldn't afford to 're cut' the record.


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