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Mambo Teresa/Wild Spirit

Released: 1986 Waterfront (WFT 30)


Song List:


A Mambo Teresa

AA Wild Spirit (Samba Para Teresa)et (Track 2)



Snowboy - Percussion
Flaco Jimenez - Accordion (Track 1)
Pete Jacobsen - Piano
Dave Hatfield - Bass (Track 1)
Gary Plumley - Tenor Sax
Graeme Lewis - Fretless Bass (Track 2)
Richard Dewhurst - Drums (Track 2)
Andrea Jackson - Vocal (Track 2)




My first real professional work as a percussionist was with legendary Tex Mex accordionist, Flaco Jimenez - who is of immense musical historical importance. The UK label owner of Flaco's music, Dave Hatfield, asked me to do a Latin record for him and so this was a cover of a tune we did in Flaco's set, 'Teresa The Breadmaker'. Flaco guested on this - straight into the studio - one take, packed his accordion and he left! 'Wild Spirit' was, in actuality, also a cover of the same song. The A-side was a Mambo and 'Wild' was in Samba-Fusion style (which was a big style with the Jazz Dancers). The B-side, in fact, took off like a rocket in the scene. I have great memories of those hard-work tours with Flaco. I'll never forget them.




Mambo Teresa/Wild Spirit
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