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Pit Bull Latin Jazz

Released:1995 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID LP 126)


Song List:


1. Go, Snow, Go

2. L 4 Cuero

3. Theres Nothing Like This

4. Havana Club

5. What the Hell's Going on

6. Mambo Tumbadora

7. Little Man

8. The East Harlem Quickstep

9. The Sound of the Berimbau

10. Toque Y Canto Para Dada




Snowboy - Congas
David Pattman - Bongos, Iya, OkonKolo, Vocals
Davide Giovannini - Drums, Timbales, Itotele, Lead Vocal
Andres Lafone - Bass
Gary Plumley - Tenor and Alto Sax
Paul Taylor - Trombone
Neil Angilley - Fender Rhodes and Farfisa Compact Minor Organ
Sid Gauld - Trumpet



Snowboy & The Latin Section - Pit Bull Latin Jazz

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Musically this is nearer to the sound and direction I'd been looking for; specifically the 'Rhodes and Organ' sound on both Eddie and Charlie Palmieri's albums of the early 70's. We still use this sound currently. I still think 'What The Hell's Going On' and particularly 'The East Harlem Quickstep' are the best two tracks I've ever recorded. If there is a 'Snowboy sound' these represent it the closest.

I dont regret recording Omar's UK Soul classic 'Theres Nothing Like This', but I resent it being picked up and played on Smooth Jazz radio shows. I never intended this. The reviews were mixed for this album, although I loved it. A few people thought that the title had a bit of a right-wing thuggery connotation which is outrageous. In fact it was an expression used to explain my music. This was Joe De Jesus' last album with us. Joe joined Incognito. This was also keyboard virtuoso Neil Angilley's debut with us.

Lastly, my intention was to overlap Berimbau over 'Dada' but I couldn't quite get the two rhythms - one Brazilian and one Afro Cuban - to fit.

Since then there is a beautiful album available that has managed to merge the folkloric music of Brasil and Cuba. It works beautifully and I recommend it thoroughly. It is entitled Bata Ketu by Michael Spiro and Mark Lamson - (Intuition INT 3217 2).


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