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Ritmo Snowbo

Released:1989 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID LP19)


Song List:


1. A Night in Tunisia
2. The Messenger
3. Ritmo Snowbo
4. The Bell That Makes You Dance
5. Wild Spirit
6. Mambo Teresa
7. Mr P.C.




Snowboy – Percussion

Jackson Sloan – Vocal (Track 1)
Andres Lafone – Bass (Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7)
Graeme Lewis – Bass (Track 5)
Pete Jacobsen – Piano (Tracks 1,3,5,6,7)
Chris Kibble – Piano (Tracks 2,4)
Gary Plumley – Tenor Sax
Bud Beadle – Baritone Sax (Tracks 2,7)
Steve Bryant – Baritone Sax (Track 3)
Dennis Rollins – Trombone (Tracks 2,7)
Fyyaz Virgi – Trombone (Track 3)
Kevin Robinson Trumpet (Tracks 2,3,7)
Flaco Jimenez – Accordion (Track 6)
Andrea Jackson – Vocal (Track 5)
Richard Dewhurst – Drums (Track 5)
hard Dewhurst – Drums (Track 5)


Snowboy & The Latin Section - Ritmo Snowbo

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My first album was made up of previously released singles on other labels and brand new recordings to have made the album a complete record of my career to date, as requested by the then co-owner of Acid Jazz, Gilles Peterson (although in fact, there were a couple of tracks missing).

A point of interest here is that I also produced vocalist Jackson Sloan's solo album on his own label, Prima, of which I was, and still am, very proud. Another point of interest is that drummer, Richard Dewhurst and bassist, Graeme Lewis were also in an 'alternative' pop band that we formed called the Skyscrapers, at around that time. It never took off (I was the singer,by the way). I knew Kevin, Fyyaz and Dennis through King Salsa, with Kevin, Fyyaz and Bud playing in Basia's group, which I was also in. Kevin, Bud and Fyyaz have all played for Incognito (as have I) and Dennis has become a big Jazz artist in his own right. You may notice that saxophonist Gary Plumley is still playing for me now.

Lastly, it is worth pointing out that some of the musician's performances on the original recording of Mambo Teresa were replaced especially for this album. In essence, making it more authentic. Particularly Andy Lafone's Vallenato style bassline on the Accordian solo.


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