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Ritmo Snowbo/A Night In Tunisia

Released: 1987/88 BGP (BGPT 002)


Song List:


Ritmo Snowbo

A Night In Tunisiaet (Track 2)



Snowboy - Percussion
Jackson Sloan - Vocal
Andres Lafone - Bass
Pete Jacobsen - Piano
Gary Plumley - Tenor Sax
Kevin Robinson - Trumpet (Track 2)
Fyaz Virgi - Trombone (Track 2)
Steve Bryant - Baritone Sax (Track 2)
Bob Jones - AH HAH! (Track 2)




Ritmo Snowbo did well in the clubs but I never included it on the Best Of . . . as I can't live with the Timbale solo on it. I'd only been playing them for a couple of years. Jackson Sloan was the lead singer in the classic 80's Swing revival group, Rent Party, and he also worked at Waterfront Records, based in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex. Dave (the owner) wanted me to do another 12" so I had this idea to do a vocal version of 'A Night In Tunisia' done in the 'Poncho Sanchez' style. I took lyrics from different versions of this song and cobbled them together and imagined an Eddie Jefferson/Georgie Fame-type of voice and Jackson fitted the bill. I went on to produce his solo album in 1989, Old Angel Midnight, as well (PRIMA 001). When Acid Jazz, as a scene, took off, myself, Jackson and sax player Gary Plumley went to Japan to do 4 shows over backing tapes in 1989 - a kind of trip from African into Funk into Latin.

It's interesting to note that Waterfront pressed the 12" originally as a promo and was sold to BGP before they had a chance to release it on Waterfront. BGP left it so long before putting it out that DJ's had finished playing it on promo and it didn't die exactly, but the buzz was gone. You may notice that BGP decided to use Ritmo Snowbo as the lead side.






Ritmo Snowbo/A Night In Tunisia
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