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James Taylor Quartet - Senouci 7"

Released: 2000 Blow It Hard (BlH004)




Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy Mix)

Additional Musicians:

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James asked me to produce the single. I told him that I wanted it to be a non-compromising track, really showing the band off as the superb musicians that they are, I wanted to record it totally analogue as well. As you'd expect from J.T.Q., this is a powerhouse Funk jam. Unfortunately, James' plate reverb broke down, so we had to use a digital one which gave it a bit of 'glitter' (which you get with digital reverbs). One or two people said it sounded like an 'Acid Jazz' record rather than an old Funk tune, which annoyed me. It was literally down to the reverb. I am very, very proud of this 7" single. It is a brilliant song, very heavy, and sold out in one day! This was originally to be titled: 'Come On!'




James Taylor Quartet - Senouci 7"


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