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Snowboy's House Of Latin (061 Mix)

Released: 1989 Polydor/Urban (URBXR 44)


Song List:


A     Snowboy's House Of Latin (061 Mix)
Featuring – Victor Hugo (3)

Remix – Graeme Park, Mike Pickering
B Snowboy's House Of Latin (Pier Hill Mix)     

Producer: Cotgrove, Booth
Written By: Snowboy
et (Track 2)



This was the horrible Mike Pickering/Graeme Park mix that I refer to in the Freedom Principle notes. I washed my hands of the whole project after this. Ironically, the guy I was dealing with at Polydor, called Kieron Hurley, became Label Manager at Acid Jazz a year later, and I never let him forget it!






Snowboy's House Of Latin (061 Mix)
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