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The Best Of Snowboy And The Latin Section

Released:1994 Acid Jazz Records (JAZID LP102)


Song List:


1. A Night in Tunisia
2. Wild Spirit
3. Mr P.C.
4. Beyond The Snowstorm
5. Mambito
6. Snow - Snow - Quick,Quick - Snow
7. The Flintstones
8. 42nd and Broadway
9. Something's Coming




See original album for musician credits. 'Beyond' is from the compilation album 'Samba Con Salsa.' Please click on to that title for musicians' details.




It was way too early in my career for a 'Best of... This album was requested by the licensee's in Japan and when the European distributors heard about it they wanted it as well, so Acid Jazz also pressed it begrudgingly for the European market.

The Best Of Snowboy & The Latin Section

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