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The Soul Of Snowboy

Released: 1999 Acid Jazz Records (AJXLP 105)


Song List:


1. September Rain
2. Where is The Love?
3. Girl Overboard
4. The New Avengers (Raw Deal Remix)
5. I Am The Man
6. Lucky Fellow
7. Funky Djembe
8. 24 for Betty Page
9. Astralisation
10. Where is The Love? (Reprise)




The Soul Of Snowboy

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A bad sleeve and a bad compilation. This compilation comprises old singles and a couple of album tracks (click on the single titles on main discography for more info). This could have been so much better if they'd licensed my other soul releases on Big Life and Soul Jazz as well. This would have made it nice and complete.

I didn't blame Acid Jazz for releasing this as they were in financial trouble and were trying to get their back catalogue to work for them. Fair enough. If I'd still been on the label I wouldn't have let that sleeve go out like that. Having criticized this compilation, it's fair to say that a lot of the singles on here were deleted and this would be the only way of getting them.


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