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The Three Faces Of Snowboy E.P.

Girl Overboard b/w Funky Djembe/24 For Betty

Released: 1992 ACID Acid Jazz Records (JAZID 58T)


Song List:


1. Girl Overboard

2. Funky Djembe

3. 24 For Betty Page



Snowboy - Percussion

Anna Ross - Vocals

Graeme Culham - Drums

Vic Woods - Trumpet

Simon Booth - Guitar (Tracks 1 and 2)

Gary Crockett - Bass

Gary Plumley - Tenor Sax and Flute

Joe De Jesus - Trombone



Why isn't the vocalist a superstar? I don't know. I met Anna in Lisa Stansfield's group where she was (and still is) a backing vocalist. She's a very busy session singer and I was so pleased with the incredible job she did with this cover version of the Sam Dees-written Dorothy Moore classic.With this E.P. I was trying to show my diversity as a Producer. 'Funky Djembe' is a fast Funk tune with great drumming from local hero Graeme Culham. Working Week's Simon Booth is on the first two tracks, you may notice. The beautiful Trumpet solos are, again, from a local hero, the late-veteran Jazzer Vic Woods. He would never give up his job in the Postal service, which was the Jazz World's loss.The last track - a tribute to the cult U.S. Fifties pin-up, Betty Page - was a song that came to me at 8 o'clock a.m. in an hotel room in Manchester, U.K. whilst on tour with Lisa Stansfield. It is a typical 'Blue Note' sounding Latin Be Bop melody and I was scared I was going to forget it so I woke the Bass Player and borrowed his Bass and worked the melody out that way. I'm not actually on the recording as I intended to overdub my Congas after the performance was recorded live. There was so much musical interplay I couldn't fit in anywhere!A Japanese record dealer in 2000 paid to have 2,000 copies repressed of each of, 'Lucky Fellow', 'Where Love Lives' and this.




The Three Faces Of Snowboy E.P. Girl Overboard b/w Funky Djembe/24 For Betty

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