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Up, Bustle Ans Out - Ron Y Menta E.P.

Released:2000 Ninja Tunes (ZEN 1295)



Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy Mix)
Los Locos Cubanos

Additional Musicians:

Snowboy - Percussion
Nico Gomez - Bass
Neil Angilley - Hammond XB3





Ninja Tunes Records sent me a 1 min. 50 sec. percussion track with a bass line appearing at the end just as it fades and told me that I could do with it whatever I wanted. I decided to make it into a huge 'Descarga' with a big Organ solo feature courtesy of Neil. We sampled just two bars from the original and looped it and on top I overdubbed 16 percussion tracks; in fact I mixed three different Afro Cuban rhythms together and there was so much drum interplay that I finished one studio session early because I completely 'lost the plot' as there was so much going on. The next day it was all clear. For the record, the three rhythms I mixed together were Comparsa de Conga, Guaguanco and a Bata rhythm called Chachalokafun. Anyway, with Nico underpinning it on bass and Neil's flamboyant Organ solo and my 'Stick-on-Bongo' solo to finish, it actually finished up sounding like an outtake from my album entitled 'Afro Cuban Jazz!




Up, Bustle Ans Out - Ron Y Menta E.P.

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