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These remixes I've done over the years. I always use lots of live musicians on the remixes; usually people from James Taylor Quartet, Lisa Stansfield's musicians or from my band and high profile U.K. based Latin musicians, so they're worth having a look at.


Click on the individual titles More Info to get information and personal notes. There are also two unreleased Snowboy remixes. The first is 'Stop This Crazy Thing' by Coldcut. The vocalist, ex-Black Uhuru: Junior Reid, stopped it coming out as he'd moved to a different label, and secondly The Gypsy Kings - 'Vivere'. The record company commissioned the remix without consulting them. They said that they didn't want anyone messing around with their music. It was a pity as we turned it into a Salsa winner!



Negrocan - Aquela Esquina
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